Thursday, July 9, 2015

It's All About the Benjamins

I've mentioned my disdain for apostrophe usage in plurals. Allow me to offer up the headline as an example. No, "Benjamins" should not be "Benjamin's," unless I was writing about "Benjamin's exciting love life" (which, incidentally, Mr. Franklin did allegedly have). 

Okay. Ahem. That's out of the way.

On to a more serious subject. I've been debating how to go about providing incentive for loyalty among my clients who are independent authors, as it seems unfair that the one major discount I've consistently offered novelists is a half-off price for the first book submitted to me for editing. My original rationale was a combination of things: I wanted to break into the indie publishing market, and I wanted newcomers to be able to see the value of professional editing.

However, I do need to make a living, and I've recently had a client balk at their second manuscript's price going up to my standard rate. I've got a solution: from now on, I'll offer a 10% discount for the first manuscript, up to 60,000 words. Following that, for every fourth book an author submits, up to 60,000 words, I'll again offer 10% off. It'll be a sale for the first book in every trilogy! (Episode IV was always my favorite!)

My discounts have never applied to any of my clients except independent novelists, but I'm enjoying that aspect of my job immensely. I love new authors with new ideas. So I hope to press forward, maintaining my current client list while continuing to expand.

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