Sunday, June 14, 2015

Replace My WHAT?!

Language is a funny thing, and I can't imagine writing or editing without maintaining a sense of humor about it. Is 35 too old to think bodily functions are funny? Maybe being a parent to a preschooler has taken my humor down the juvenile path. Or maybe my sense of humor never grew up. Really, though, how is it possible to be an obsessive copy editor and not be amused by the following two words?

The punctuation mark, of course, is best used when followed by a list of one or more specific items. And the other kind of colon could be described similarly, if we want to be cheeky about it. Each kind of colon is a noun. What about a semi-colon, though? How does one partially extract a colon? Well, by inserting a comma, of course.

English is weird, period. Is my period in the right place? I'm not sure how the period ends. With a pregnant pause, perhaps? 

Does this mean two periods get together to make a colon? Can we call that the grammar version of a colonoscopy? Comma over here, let's see what we can make out of this... 

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