Monday, February 9, 2015

Through Marketing and Beyond: How Can I Help?

As I'm translating my business to an online platform, I'm learning about the differences between marketing a book and marketing editing skills. There are so many talented and creative writers posting in the Facebook groups that I'm sometimes overwhelmed with the things I want to read - but this truly does seem to be an excellent way to market your newly published book. I'm certainly an example of why! I've taken advantage of multiple free and .99 offers and given positive reviews.

That type of marketing doesn't work for editing, though. Those of you who are posting in the groups have already published your books, so you're not looking for any kind of editor. I respect that, so I've ceased (for at least a little while) commenting on people's announcements that if anyone is looking for an editor to please consider me. Using word of mouth among my current non-digital (but many expanding to digital as we speak) seems to be more effective for my services, along with experimenting with things like Google Adwords.

But I have a question for you: how could I approach you with suggestions regarding typos and grammar errors in your books in a way that wouldn't be offensive? I would never leave a review that mentioned errors - I would rather comment on your creativity. However, I see other reviews that do comment on these errors, and I see that many authors simply ignore these reviews, seeing them as a flawed attack. What if I don't want to attack you, but I do want to help you correct the errors and polish your book?

In case you're wondering, if you are looking for my review - I comment under the handle "Calamity Jane." This is because I have left less-than-perfect reviews for things like appliances that don't work - not books!

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  1. As an author, I would not be offended if you contacted me about errors as long as you did it in an approachable way. Sometimes authors hire editors that weren't the best choice. hahaha.