Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beyond Amazon

Lots and lots of people reference the bestseller status of their respective books. I do not want to diminish anyone's accomplishment in this regard, but there are an awful lot of bestselling authors who aren't making enough to live on. Why is this, do you think?

As you may have guessed, I have an answer, and it's the correct answer. Readers are flooded with inexpensive options. Books can be offered for free or for 99 cents, and lots of readers will be willing to buy them. That doesn't translate to financial success, though. It doesn't increase your chances of becoming the next household name. Why? Because you don't have a good editor. If your grammar and spelling are shoddy, and the reader has to stumble over your words, the reader is not going to be willing to pay any more than that 99 cent price for the next book. So, having a bestseller as defined by Amazon does not in any way increase your odds of your writing career bringing in money comparable to a full time job. It is definitely a step toward your goal! But you want to take the next step - you want to go even higher. You should - you have the ideas, the talent, and the creativity!

If you want to have your book - or website or other text-based material - become financially lucrative, drawing people in, even to the extent of increased prices in the future - you need an editor. An editor can help you climb that next step - and the one above it! And you need a really harsh editor, one who can help you become the smoothest, best author you can.  Hurt feelings have no place in this path to success.You want to go beyond the 99 cent Amazon market? Find a good editor. Find TWO good editors - a content editor and a copy editor.

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