Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You're, Your, and "Ur"

See that "Y" key up there? Let's chat about that, shall we? Of course, there's the "O" key, too, that requires consideration, but for now, the "Y" key will do.

Steam comes out of my ears when I see "ur" used in a manuscript. The only way that is acceptable is when it is part of a quote directly from a text message or internet post. Other than that, please take two extra seconds and type the "y" and the "o."

I love social media. I really do. I've been on Facebook for over a decade, and it has provided me with a way to keep in touch with loved ones from a distance. Now that I'm moving my editing skills to the online universe, it has the potential to make quite a few business connections for me. But this all comes with a price to my grammatical sanity. Can I just say it? I hate it when I see "ur," even on text messages and on Facebook. You'll probably never guess which age group I see using it the most, either! Who is it? People my parents' age! Yes, the boomers are attempting to acclimate to purported millenial vernacular. I'm here to tell you - as an inbetweener, a borderline X/Y generation member...I can't tell you the last time I saw someone my age or younger use "ur."

Fine, I'll get off of my high horse and forgive you. I'll attempt to tolerate what is really a simple written form of casual communication, no matter how aggravating. But please - don't think it's standard when it's time to write the great American novel. Add that extra "y" and "o" and you'll have a happy editor.

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