Friday, January 30, 2015

Website Excitement

After witnessing confusion among several potential clients regarding my web address, I realized that not everyone shares my editor humor. Even better, those that do are concerned that I didn't make my site correctly incorrect. According to one worried friend, in "whomkneedsanediter," I was causing confusion because "kneeds" is not a word and instead should have been "kneads." I say, "editer" is not a word, either, if you're putting it that way...but there you have it. Grammar and spelling jokes are best left out of contact methods, I suppose. With that in mind, I now have the much easier to remember Both site addresses will remain pointed to the same site, though - and even one extra site misspelling that I won't share here. It would only cause confusion. All you have to do is ask yourself - who needs an editor? And here you are.

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