Friday, January 30, 2015

Website Excitement

After witnessing confusion among several potential clients regarding my web address, I realized that not everyone shares my editor humor. Even better, those that do are concerned that I didn't make my site correctly incorrect. According to one worried friend, in "whomkneedsanediter," I was causing confusion because "kneeds" is not a word and instead should have been "kneads." I say, "editer" is not a word, either, if you're putting it that way...but there you have it. Grammar and spelling jokes are best left out of contact methods, I suppose. With that in mind, I now have the much easier to remember Both site addresses will remain pointed to the same site, though - and even one extra site misspelling that I won't share here. It would only cause confusion. All you have to do is ask yourself - who needs an editor? And here you are.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You're, Your, and "Ur"

See that "Y" key up there? Let's chat about that, shall we? Of course, there's the "O" key, too, that requires consideration, but for now, the "Y" key will do.

Steam comes out of my ears when I see "ur" used in a manuscript. The only way that is acceptable is when it is part of a quote directly from a text message or internet post. Other than that, please take two extra seconds and type the "y" and the "o."

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Dreaded Apostrophe

A friend asked about the correct plural form of the vernacular "pjs" for pyjamas. Pyjamas is, of course, a permanently plural word - no one says he or she has just one pj. I answered that since "pjs" is not the combination of two words, instead being closer in nature to an acronym, an apostrophe indicates possession rather than plural. An example: The Waldo County YMCA's gym is quite expansive, while other YMCAs seem to have smaller gyms. 

I now discover there's a hot debate associated with this. English is a fluid language, changing significantly with every generation. Apparently, the opposing side of the "pjs" debate ("pj's") argues that the apostrophe makes the term more readable. As my brain does a mental jerk every time I run across this error, it has the opposite effect on me. However, I am willing to accept this evolution as a stylistic preference. If you tell me, prior to editing your work, that this is the way that best suits you, I'll leave it alone and keep my mental spasms to myself. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Promotion for Indie Authors!

Are you an independent novelist who needs an editor? I am expanding my copyediting to include indie authors! I will edit two pages of any novel for free, and then, for the first ten authors, I'll charge half my normal rate. You've got the novel - I can help you make it shine! Contact me at

My normal rate is .003/word. I accept payments through Paypal upon completion.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Editing Example 2: Editing for Author Danielle Bannister

Quote from Danielle Bannister, author of the Twin Flames trilogy: "I asked Jessica to edit the first chapter of my manuscript to get a feel for her style of editing. I was impressed with her ability to catch when I slipped tenses (something I do all the time). Her grammatical catches were spot on as well. Her skill at copy editing can help improve the writing of any author. As any author will tell you, editing does matter. You will get nasty reviews if you have a sloppy edit. Copyeditors, like Jessica, are worth their weight in gold."

Monday, January 19, 2015

Editing Example 1: Northwoods Ranch and Retreat's Blog

From the Director of Northwoods Ranch and Retreat, Rory McLaughlin: "I don't put anything on the website that doesn't go through Jessica first. She's brutal, everything has to be perfect."